I’m an Ashley nicknamed Lulie by my grandmother at the age of two. Twenty-five years later and I still don’t know why she calls me that. Call me Lu.

I don’t particularly like California (where I live) or the sun for that matter, hence my blog name. My wish is to one day move to Seattle, Washington with my amazing husband and beautiful one year old baby-kitty, and open up a book donation center for the mentally ill. I love to read, play on my cell phone, and hike. My husband and I were once on the 2,650-mile Pacific Coast Trail for oh, three miles or so. We were very proud of ourselves.

I read mostly YA, but tend to throw in an adult contemporary or memoir or biography in the mix once in a while. I’m a character-driven kind of reader and have never been very forgivable of bad characters. I lean towards romance, but like my novels pretty fast paced too. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is my favorite book.

I love interacting with other readers so please feel free to comment, tweet me, goodreads me, whatever.


3 responses to “About

  • jaimeguerard

    I agree, I love the rain so you can stay in and read. It’s also when I love to write! Just the perfect setting and feel! Thanks for sharing.

  • Thomas

    I’ve always been curious about how book-lovers live in California – the weather is so nice, so it must be hard to stay indoors and read (although you can probably read outside). Looking forward to more of your reviews, and good luck with your plan to move to Seattle!

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